At Suq the menu is designed to share.
Not your typical 'tapas' menu, it includes flavours from North Africa, Asia, The Mediterranean and The Middle East.
Everything is produced in house and we use products sourced locally as well as fine imported ingredients of the highest quality and standards.
We pride ourselves on bringing you only the best and creating each item with love, attention, time and care, and most of all....
We want you to make the most of your dining experience with family and friends and enjoy sharing a meal and your table.

What customers are saying...

"Beautiful venue, fantastic service and even better food.
Could not fault this restaurant.
Especially loved the yellow fin tuna sashimi
and the flat head tempura.
Will definitely
be back."  Jen S.

"So good...delicious food, great service,
good atmosphere...Very impressed
with this new dining option for the coast.
Definitely coming back." 
Bec M.

"My new favourite restaurant
and in my opinion best restaurant
on the coast! From the amazing
food to the wonderful service,
                                                             everything was perfect. Thankyou!"
Melissa C.
everything was perfect!!!!Thank you

Chef Michael Guirguis was renowned for his first restaurant
'Novanta Quattro' in Terrigal, a modern French/Italian fine
dining restaurant where he received much acclaim and
recognition. He then went on to open 'Sirocco' in Darlinghurst
and 'Sorrel' in Manly. He began his training in restaurant
'La Florentine' in Lyon, France which would shape his lengthy
career working in 5 star hotels and well-known establishments.
The essence of 'Suq' (market in Arabic) is in his upbringing
and in using the ingredients he loves to create fresh,
tasty dishes that do not conform to current trends.
Suq is a refreshing change from the standard "entrée,
main, dessert" menu giving him the freedom to create an
exciting and always evolving menu he hopes you will enjoy.
It is relaxed and unfussy, casual yet intimate all while
maintaining an elegance and class that speaks quality and
perfection. Here you will be introduced to a vast array of
cuisines and a variety of different dishes to suit any palate.